Holographic Experience Without The Hassle


We bring you the most captivating team based holographic reality experiences that will inspire, entertain and excite the imagination of this digital generation.


Select a title and schedule online

We bring all the needed hardware to your school

We set it all up and start you on your experience

NO hardware purchase, system setup or maintenance on your part. NO VR sickness too :)


It’s Exciting And Fun

Learning can and should be fun. Why shouldn’t it? Our story driven experiences uses interactive 3D holograms that are designed to captivate today’s digital generation.


Designed For Learning

We create experiences that balances curriculum learning outcomes with entertainment and fun.


Experiences that engage through a multi-sensory immersion of the subject, bringing it to life so your entire class can see and interact with what could only be imagined from pictures and words.

It’s Broad Learning

Our immersive reality experience goes beyond books and classrooms. They encourage the use of critical and logical thinking skills while reinforcing curriculum concepts through  discovery.



Real-time team based holographic reality for learning


It’s Team Exploration

Engagement is not singular in dimension. Embark on a learning journey together with your classmates where you engage the content as much as you collaborate with each other in our team-based holographic experiences.

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